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 10/12/2016 9:35 AM

Hello Andrew,

You should follow up with the installation company what the conditions of accreditation with the NSW Health requires. The relevant Australian Standard is AS1547-2012 so if you do not have a copy get a copy of that standard and look at the type of disposal area they are proposing. This system had a Wisconsin Mound. Below are the conditions for a s68 approval I have issued for an installation we had last year.

All the best with that Andrew.



It is essential that your plumber and drainer is aware of the conditions of approval relating to this notice of determination. Please ensure a copy of this determination is forwarded to the plumber and drainer prior to commencing any work on site.
1. Licensed Plumber
All plumbing and drainage work is to be carried out by a NSW licensed Plumber and Drainer.
2. Inspections – plumbing & drainage work
An inspection must be undertaken by Council prior to the covering of the works specified below:

a. sanitary plumbing and drainage
b. water supply plumbing
c. completion of all plumbing and drainage works

Please note that Council requires a minimum of 24 hours notice to undertake the inspection. You will need to quote your Development Application number and property description to ensure your inspection is confirmed
3. Tank location
The sewage management facility is located not less than 2.5 meters from any building and access for de-sludging is to be adequate.
4. Restrict access to disposal area
Stock and vehicle access is to be excluded from the disposal area. A barrier to protect the system from stock or vehicular access may be necessary.

5. Disposal of Wastewater
The primary effluent from the A & A Worm farm waste system is to be disposed of to a Wisconsin Mound System constructed in accordance with AS 1547:2012 and having a minimum area of 90m2 or by sub soil land application (minimum 100mm of soil or mulch cover) and having a minimum application area of 300m2.
6. Use of Disposal Area
The area of land used for wastewater application must not be used to grow vegetables for human consumption.
7. Warning Signs
Within the effluent irrigation areas there must be at least two warning signs that comply with AS1319 and have 1) a green background 2) 20mm high capital lettering in black or white, and 3) the works "RECLAIMED EFFLUENT - NOT FOR DRINKING - AVOID CONTACT".

8. Design & Installation
The A & A worm farm waste system shall be supplied, constructed and installed in accordance with the design and specifications as submitted and accredited by the NSW Health Department – Accreditation No. WCT 020 issued 29 September 2010.
The polypropylene tanks, used in the assembly of the A & A Worm Farm Waste System, shall be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the standard AS/NZS 1546.1-2008 and shall be subject to a Certificate of Accreditation issued by NSW Health.

The A & A Worm farm Waste system shall be permanently and legibly marked on a non – corrosive metal plaque or equivalent, attached to the lid of the tank with the following information:
 The brand name of the system;
 The manufacturer’s name or registered trademark;
 The month and year of manufacture.

When the A & A Worm Farm Waste system requires emptying, all composted matter and other solid materials may be removed from the system by the owner or a contractor licensed by the EPA.

Unless otherwise directed by the local authority, the composted waste material is to be disposed of by the burial within the confines of the premises in soil which is not intended to be used for at least three (3) months for the cultivation of food for human consumption. The minimum cover of soil over the deposited compost must be 100mm. Alternatively it shall be disposed of to Council’s waste Disposal Depot sludge

The manufacturer shall supply with each system an owner’s manual, which sets out the care, operation, maintenance and on-going management requirements of the system.

On completion of the installation of the A & A Worm Farm Waste system, the system is to be inspected and checked by the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s agent. The manufacturer or the agent is to certify that the system has been installed and commissioned in accordance with its design, conditions of accreditation and any additional requirements of the Council.

All electrical work must be carried out by a licensed electrician in accordance with the relevant provisions of AS/NZS 3000.

9. Notice of Work
The plumber and drainer carrying out the work must lodge a “Notice of Work” with Council a minimum of two days prior to commencing work.
Reasons: To comply with the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2011.

11. Certificate of Compliance
On completion of all plumbing and drainage work a “Certificate of Compliance” shall be lodged with Council by the licensed plumber and drainer responsible for the work.
Reason: To comply with the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2011.

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