The Riverina Group is a multidisciplinary organisation dedicated to the advancement of regional professionals engaged in environmental development assessment, building control, environmental health regulation and town planning disciplines.

Riverina Group Objectives

Within the general geographic region defined as the Riverina Region* of New South Wales and for the professions encompassing Building Surveying, Environmental Health and Town Planning:

  1. Promote professional development of members and others within the above professions.
  2. Provide contact and support for members through peer network.
  3. Liase with and support the activities of related professional groups including but not limited to the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors and Environmental Health Australia.
  4. To represent the views of Riverina Group members.
  5. To identify gaps in training opportunities and attempt to fill those gaps.
  6. To organise, on an annual basis, a conference.
  7. To seek sponsorship, the profits from which are to be used for Group activities.





* Riverina Region generally encompasses an area defined by the western side of the Great Dividing Range in the east, the Murray River in the south to a point west approximately adjoining Swan Hill. From Swan Hill a northerly line to Balranald, then approximately east to Hay, Griffith, Temora, Gundagai and Tumut.  It should be noted that membership is not limited to professionals within this region, rather this is the geographic area the Group services and represents.



Riverina Environmental Health & Building Professionals Group